Board Members

Jayme Wilson, Chair

Randy C. Bowers

Rick Rodriguez, Vice Chair

Theodore Ebenkamp

Yumi Takahashi

Dena P. Maloney

Steve Koffroth

Appointed By

Board of Supervisors

BOS (Member of the Public)

City Selection Committee

Special District (LAFCO)

Los Angeles County Board of Education

Community College Chancellor

Employee Organization (AFSCME)

Agendas and Minutes
Meeting Schedule

Fourth Supervisorial District

The Los Angeles County Fourth Supervisorial District is comprised of 27, cities, 6 unincorporated areas and 5 areas within the City of Los Angeles and encompasses 458 square miles. From Diamond Bar to the City of Avalon and from San Clemente Island to the Orange County line, the Fourth District serves approximately 1,971,639 residents. The Fourth District Consolidated Oversight Board provides oversight to 17 former redevelopment agencies within the District.