Composition of Consolidated Oversight Boards

Board Composition

  • One member may be appointed by the County Board of Supervisors
  • One member may be appointed by the City Selection Committee
  • One members may be appointed by the Independent Special District Selection Committee established pursuant to Section 56332 of the Government Code, for the types of special districts that are eligible to receive property tax revenues pursuant to Section 34188 ( LAFCO)
  • One member may be appointed by the County Superintendent of Education to represent schools if the superintendent is elected. If the County superintendent of Education is appointed, then the appointment made pursuant to this paragraph shall be made by the County Board of Education.
  • One member may be appointed by the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges to represent community college districts in the County
  • One member of the public may be appointed by the Board of Supervisors
  • One member may be appointed by the recognized employee organization representing the largest number of Successor Agency employees in the County (AFSCME)

Senate Bill SB 107

In September 2015, the State of California approved Senate Bill No. 107 (SB 107) which guides the final technical steps in the dissolution of local redevelopment agencies. SB 107 made several changes related to Oversight Boards. The legislation calls for counties with more than 40 Oversight Boards (i.e., Los Angeles County) to be consolidated into one of five Oversight Boards. The five consolidated Oversight Board shall have jurisdiction over each Successor Agency located within its borders.

The five County Oversight Boards will have the authority to oversee and direct the Successor Agencies to wind down activities and expeditiously liquidate the assets of the former redevelopment agencies. SB 107 provides that the Oversight Board for a particular Successor Agency will cease to exist when the Successor Agency has been formally dissolved.